Enhance the appearance of your living room with a remarkable fireplace surround

Gas plus electric fireplaces are fairly prevalent in new household construction, as well as in older homes lots of wood burning fireplaces are promoted with gas or else electric fireplace inserts. Maximum fireplaces have certain kind of mantle (shelf) that sit down above the top. Less communal are fireplace surrounds – columns on whichever sideways of the mantel. Though, you could easily generate an entire new appearance to the living room by remodeling, or else addition, a fireplace surround. It is a great method to showcase your wood working abilities, and the additional marketplace worth on your house is not too firm a pill to swallow. Home improvement provisions as well as fireplace apparatus outlets will have a diversity of pre-fabricated fi replace surrounds accessible in numerous sizes plus value ranges, and most cabinet shops would custom construct them for you. However, construction a fireplace mantle is well inside the scope of any wood worker through middle level skill. It is actually no harder than construction a bookcase.

If you have a stonework fireplace there might be a mantle hanging above it. The mantel is whichever devoted to the wall studding (if there is drywall overhead the fireplace) otherwise on blocking insert into the stonework. A fireplace border contains of columns devoted to whichever sideways of the mantle. A ‘flat style’ is usual flush to the wall, a ‘column elegance’ is set out from the wall, as well as a ‘cabinet style’ is a column frame that serves dual duty as a storing unit (think bookcase or display cupboard). Correct in front of the fireplace there is typically a hearth, usually made of fire resilient material, for example stone, ceramic tile, brick. If you plan to substitute the hearth, otherwise none exists, install it beforehand you install the fireplace frame.

Surrounds derive in a numerous of styles plus sizes. You will need to measure the deepness of your fireplace addition otherwise firebox, the breadth of the facade, as well as the height of the fascia. Use these measurements to dimension your fireplace surround. Stuffs to retain in mind while designing your surround comprise the dimension of your hearth, the heating source (gas, power, wood) as well as safety clearance essential (check your local building code for these clearances), the current woodwork and fittings in your living room, as well as the room dimensions plus configuration.

The least costly, and perhaps easiest method to construction a surround is to usage a frame and panel strategy through MDF as the core construction material. If you want to paint the border, then this is a decent method to go. You will find it calmest to construct and install the border in three segments (columns, header as well as mantel). The columns could be simple hollow boxes, as well as you can accumulate the containers with glue plus nails or else screws, pocket hole screws otherwise biscuits. I like to glue the slender to the box, as well as use a 23 gauge pin nailer to grip stuffs together. Cover the nail holes through wood filler.

Depending upon the deepness of the surround (which would be determined through the deepness of the fi replace enclosure), you could use a box for the header, otherwise build this up from one otherwise more layer of MDF. As through the columns, you could apply a frame to the exterior of the MDF as well as a bit of crown molding overhead the frame plus under the mantel. For a more sturdy mantel use a paint grade hardwood otherwise softwood. A rectangular edge on the mantel does not look all that great; slightly rotund over the ends, otherwise better, rout a enhancing edge on it. Certain baseboard and shoe molding on the bottommost of the columns would give it a more finished appearance.

Once the pieces have methodically dried set up the surround – first the column, then the header, and lastly the mantel. Countersunk screws as well as structure adhesive would do the trick here. Beforehand you apply the concluding coat of paint caulk any cracks with a paintable latex sealing. Maybe MDF is not for you. Otherwise you might use an architectural score hardwood finish plywood through solid wood trim, otherwise construct the surround completely out of hardwood.