Are the mock tests provided by CFA actually harder than the original CFA exam? 

CFA Mock exams are some of the most significant practice you could do for CFA examinations.

Whether it is live examination or from online service providers, the resource could help gauge how you would do when the real CFA exam comes about in June or December.

Third-party suppliers usually started offering their CFA mock exam two weeks before the exam exam, usually on Saturday, to copy the real exam situaton.

One of the most frequent questions I get this period of the year is how hard are CFA mock exams as compared to the real CFA exam.

Though the examinations can be taken as numerous times as required, each exam usually requires candidates to study at least for 300 hours. Founded in the newest candidate survey directed by the CFA Institute, the average contestant studied 308 hours for the examinations. Given the span of time expended studying, several candidates are deterred from enduring the CFA Program afterward failing one of the levels. To obtain a charter, every candidate must pass all three examinations and have four years of competent work experience in venture decision-making.

How hard are CFA Mock Examination?

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I have spoken to numerous applicants who have taken a CFA mock exam this year. It is hard to associate the level of difficulty on mock examinations as compared to the real exam owing to difference in candidates views. Candidates I’ve communicated with have usually found that Level 1 mock exams from most providers were harder than the real exam. Candidates that have used AnalystPrep’s mock tests last year appeared to be somewhat easier than the real exam however pretty close.
The main point for failing a mock exam is your overall mastery of the CFA level 1 curriculum. The mock tests are composed of problems from each subject area taken from the thousands of pages of the curriculum. Several candidates are astonished, having merely ever studied subject-based problems, how slight they recall a specific subject when they test themselves on the entire syllabus.

Moreover, if you do not take a CFA mock exam, you might be astonished at how tired you become when sitting for six-hours at an examination table. The CFA examinations take mental and physical strength and you are actually required to enter the examination hall with a lot of energy.

I recommend taking a minimum one CFA mock exam each week for the month prior to the examination date. If you not have access to a mock test, you can build one over end-of-chapter questions. Take these exams at the start of your education week to see in which subjects you perform best as well as might need additional study through the week. If you are really in a rush for finishing to read the curriculum, take a minimum of two six-hour exams.

Yet again, do not get disheartened if you do not have the passing grade in mock examinations. The exercise sets might not be the same as in the real CFA level 1 exam. The significant impression here is that you do not need to neglect the need to sitting for a mock examination, both to guide your study as well as to check your strength.

Generally, the CFA examinations are very hard. However, candidates can beat their probabilities of passing through studying for above 300 hours, using substitute prep resources, answering as numerous practice problems as possible and generating a planned study plan. Finishing the whole CFA Program could be very rewarding, and the designation is recognized by firms across the finance world. Charter holders can advance in their investment vocations through the awareness they gain and their access to the widespread network of CFA professional.

Having the correct plan as well as the discipline to follow your strategy are vital skills for pass all three examinations.