One Two Lash: The Sensational Magnetic Lashes

Beauties with thin and short eyelashes have been using false eyelashes for a while but recent trends make it desirable among most women for attaining an attractive look. No wonder, false or fake lashes instantly accentuate your overall look and personality, but applying them perfectly is still a time-consuming struggle for many. Wearing a false eyelash correctly needed a huge amount of time and effort until the invention of magnetic eyelashes by Katy Stoka, the founder of One Two Lash. Here is all you need to know about magnetic lashes.

What are magnetic lashes?

The magnetic lashes by One Two Cosmetics is a revolutionary product that made a breakthrough in the false eyelash industry. Katy Stoka was one of those women who found wearing falsies difficult and hard. But the dramatical change offered by falsies makes one put in all the effort. She thought of using the power of magnets to eliminate the need for glue and the messy process involved in applying them correctly. With that thought in mind, she invented a hassle free, fast and effortless way of false eyelashes, that is One Two Lash. As the name suggests, you can just put them on at the count of one..two..and done. The micromagnetic technology is far better in holding the lashes in place that any other expensive glue. It is definitely a great breakthrough for women who cannot go without a false.

How does it work?

Well, the magnetic lash works in a simple yet effective way to instantly provide you fuller and attractive lashes. It has two sets of lashes for each eye that sandwich the natural lashes to create a more cohesive look. One lash is placed on the upper side of the natural lashes while the other is placed below the natural lashes. The magnetic strip at the center of each lash binds together to stay in position. The application is extremely easy and gets better with time. With regular practice, you will take hardly any time to put them on in seconds. The best part of these lashes is it does not ruin your eye makeup. Here is how to apply the innovative eye lash in just a minute.

Step 1.

Take out the top lash from the convenient lash box and place it gently over your natural lashes. It should be lined up with the outer edge of the natural lash for a balanced look.

Step 2.

Now take the other lash from the set having the red dot and try to place it just below the top lash keeping your natural lash in between the two. Once the magnet is aligned you will hear a clicking sound. It denotes that the lashes are in place and bound together to provide you an amazing look.

Removing the lashes

Unlike other falsies available in the market the magnetic lash from One Two Cosmetics is extremely easy to remove. Since glue is not used, it is mess-free and safe. You just need to use your index finger and the thumb to gently slide both the lashes away from each other and they come off within a second. Avoid being harsh when removing the lashes as it may ruin its original shape. Never pull the lashes as your natural lash may get damaged during the process. A little care can go a long way in providing you beautiful lashes.

Yes, it is durable and reusable

Magnetic lashes from One Two Cosmetics is not only easy to wear but can last for years if proper care is taken. Unlike other falsies that become useless when glue is applied once, these lashes remain new as no glue is used. The holding power of the magnetic tapes remains same even after several uses.


With so many advantages, One Two Lash from One Two Cosmetics have gained enormous popularity recently and is being featured in most famous fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Vogue. Experts are using and recommending this innovative product to their clients who instantly fall in love with it. It is versatile and can line up any eye shape. The cost involved may seem higher at the beginning but is worth spending on something that you can use for years without any difficulty. So, now you don’t have to use false eyelashes on special occasions. With such innovative eyelashes available you can look attractive every day.