Stunning Fireplace surrounding Ideas

What does “stunning” suggest to you? The actual definition of stunning is: “extremely awesome or appealing.” What a great description to intention for with a focal point in your private home décor, don’t you observed? Especially as the weather starts to cool off for lots of us around the world, as we approach winter seasons, our fireplaces would possibly start being beneficial to us. If we’re going to employ them, why not make them as stunning as they’re functional?!

Here are stunning fireplace surrounding ideas to encourage and inspire you. Any of these would make your fireplace to offer more than just warm temperature.


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Modern interior layout showcasing a nook fireplace

Install an appropriate double-sided contemporary fireplace at the wall’s ends. It may increase the impact of your fireplace due to the fact you may experience the fire from a couple of places. Moreover, it creates a natural feeling into the room itself.

Excessive ceiling framing trim fireplace 

Create trim along the edges of your fireplace that frames the fire itself. We like this tiered trimming idea, executed in the rest of the room walls, as an accentuation of the fireplace itself.

Timber mantel for the fireplace in the present day way

Fireplaces themselves can’t be manufactured from wood for obvious reasons. But that doesn’t mean this warm natural material have to be prevented altogether. On this stunning fireplace placing, for example, a corpulent timber mantel and similarly great corbels carry warm temperature and offer a fantastic separation between the mantel face and the higher wall.

Simplified fire layout

One Fire place  idea that is going against the tide is a beautiful incorporation of backward thinking. Rather than do something at all to the fireplace, you can create a similar stunning impact through focusing your efforts at the partitions in the back of land surrounding the fireplace. An easy white fire surround, for instance, seems terrific in opposition to a timber-planked wall.

Easy marble surround.

The simplicity of a modern-day marble surround, with easy surfaces and smooth angles and contours, will make the fire the first issue everybody will be aware while they come into your residing room. We like the contrast of white surround with a colored wall.

Adorned fireplace.

If your fireplace isn’t of the sort that’s regularly used (or ever), or in case you don’t intend on the use of it, you can still make this acceptable feature a benefit on your standard décor in preference to a downside. Beautiful chunky white candles on coordinating candlesticks, as an example, supply a nod to the idea of “Firelight” at the same time as being framed out nicely with the aid of the fire surround itself.

Low and lengthy fire

For a very cutting-edge aesthetic, vicinity a slim, long Fire place  under knee top. This stone instance is a stunner, juxtaposing fantastically in opposition to the smooth, gray wall above. Of route, you’ll want to recollect the room’s use – the presence of young kids and pets would possibly put this layout on the backburner.

Tile body fireplace

An easy gas fire insert can without a doubt stand out with the proper body. Use wide heat-tolerant tiles to border out the insert in an easy, easy-covered way. That is a great way to soften the transition from the harsh black edges of an insert to the rest of your area.

Geometric color block

A totally precise and beautiful fire layout may be done with an innovative twist on the surround’s structure. Contain some angles of assorted depths and heights, throw in some spot lighting fixtures, and use coloration blocking to create this best present day fireplace.

Vertical tile for fireplace

Push the envelope a piece with how you select to lay the tile to your fireplace wall. Lengthy, narrow tiles laid vertically, like a waterfall, draw the attention upward and work beautifully with the concept of the fireplace’s flames. We love the juxtaposition of water afire in this idea.

White Arched surround

Arches in architecture, mainly conventional or craftsman spaces tend to draw attention entirely because maximum other additives of a house’s layout are instant. An ever-so-slight arch above the fire in the brick or stone surround is a fantastic way to draw interest subtly to this stunner.

Dark marble tile across the Fire place

In a dwelling room filled (actually) with natural light and shiny wall coloration, more colored marble tiles on the fireplace surround are beautiful. The tiles’ reflective properties beautify the window lights, and, in spite of the truth that the tiles are dark, they make the room feel even brighter.