Advantages of Wearing a Tankini

If you do not like bikinis yet you want to enjoy your swim at the beach, a tankini is what you should buy. While a bikini exposes much skin, a tankini covers a better part of your upper body. This way, you will have the confidence you need to sunbathe or swim without any worries. A tankini goes well with bikini bottoms, a pair of shorts or a nice skirt.

Tankinis come in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs. There are solid colors, prints, non-wired, underwired, molded cup and soft cup tankini types. The diversity makes this swimsuit an amazing piece of plus size swimwear.

Well, what does a tankini offer wearers?

  1. Support for the bust

Are you looking for plus size swimwear? Go for tankinis. They provide your bust support giving you an attractive look. This is much better than a bikini, which does not have the much-needed support. Some tankinis feature hidden underwired bras, thus perfect for those with bigger busts. Those with small cups and internal support are suitable for women with smaller busts.

  1. A wide range of lengths

Our bodies differ in many ways. For instance, the length from the waist up varies from person to person. Tankinis are worn on this part of the body, which means you need to go for plus size swimwear that offers a variety of lengths to choose from. Tankinis are designed with length in mind. Standard ones measure 15 to 16 inches, while others 17 inches upwards. To determine length, measure the side seam starting under the arm.

  1. Pear with a swim skirt, briefs or shorts

You have the freedom to decide what to wear your tankini with. If you have shorts or briefs, you are good to go. The combo will give you a sexy appearance without showing off much skin. On briefs, go for tie sides or classic briefs. In short, bikini bottoms are not the only option you have. If you are worried about your thighs, pair your tankini with some nice knee length shorts. If you look great in any bottoms be it briefs, shorts or swim skirts then you can switch between each one of them depending on your mood.

  1. A nice substitute for one-pieces

One-piece swimwear calls for a “perfect” body shape, in that your torso must be a very particular length, otherwise your suit will be pulled down at your chest or pulled up into your crotch. Taller and shorter women may have problems finding the right fit. To avoid sizing frustrations, purchase a tankini instead. As mentioned earlier, you will find different lengths to choose. In that regard, your height will not be a problem at all.

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  1. Secure and comfortable

One of the problems with bikinis is indecent exposure. This happens when a bikini soaks in water and weighs down. A tankini’s vest design prevents such a problem. You will feel more comfortable and more confident when enjoying the waters. Nonetheless, avoid low-quality tankini materials or those with poor padding. About fabric, go for polyamide or nylon swimwear. Nylon has no problem with the chlorine in pools, but creases when dry, unlike polyamide.

It would be wise to buy different plus size swimwear options made from different materials. If you are heading to the pool, you know what to wear. Polyamide is suitable for occasions when you cannot afford to have creases after getting in the water.

  1. Post-surgery tankini

After a mastectomy, you need a special swimsuit. There are many brands of post-surgery swimwear. With e-commerce, it is easy identifying what you need. Such swimsuits feel nice to wear and have an outstanding design. They are also available in different prints and colors to suit your preferences.

  1. Figure smoothing

Tankinis exist to complement bikinis. Apart from preventing indecent exposure, they cover or disguise those parts you do not want to show the world such as bust, tummy, back fat or cleavage. What a tankini does is boost your appearance by attracting attention to the smazing parts of your body. Anyone would look spectacular in a tankini. Be sure to pick colors that bring out the best in you.


Tankinis serve different purposes and occasions. Polyamide is great for vacations while nylon swimwear fits swimming pools. A tankini will accentuate your positive looks making you look sexier than ever before. If you seek to conceal your cleavage, back fat or tummy, tankinis have you covered. Besides, you can pair them with whatever feels comfortable such as swim skirts, shorts, briefs or bikini bottoms. Fill your closet with flattering tankini tops and you will have amazing experiences at the pool and when on holiday.