Front Burner: Jarred Tomatoes Capture the Fleeting Flavors of Summer

As the local tomato season winds down, the frivolous grasshoppers among us who did not diligently can batches of them for winter dinners have a new resource. Amid the overflowing stands of shiny red orbs still in the markets in early fall are bright jars of preserved local, organic tomatoes sold by Jorge Moret, a partner in City Saucery. The company uses the recipes of Carolina Marino, a native of Calabria, Italy, and is run by her son Michael Marino and his companion, Mr. Moret. The jarred tomatoes include yellow ones and a sauce made from bruised “ugly” tomatoes. The company also sells Calabrian-style sauces and condiments online and in stores: City Saucery summer tomatoes, Union Square, Fort Greene and McCarren Park Greenmarkets; sauces and condiments, $14.98 and up,

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