Medical Electives In Namibia, and More

This Gap Medics internship in Namibia is ideal for those doing their electives abroad and looking to gain experience.  You’ll be working in a remote rural health clinic that has been set up to provide health care and support to the San Bushman community.

What It Entails

The Gap Medics program allows those doing their electives abroad to work alongside the resident doctor and nurse at the clinic and learn all about the challenges faced by the San Bushman community.

Regardless of whether you are studying for a career in the medical field, are a qualified medical professional or simply considering starting a career in health care and medicine; this medical internship will give you valuable work experience in the field, immersing you in the health and development program that the clinic offers while also supplying vital care and treatment to patients in the San Bushman Community, many of whom live in extreme poverty and have spent years being victimized and are still treated as third class citizens.

You will also have a fantastic opportunity to become involved in caring for orphaned, abused or injured animals at the Namibian Wildlife Sanctuary near the country’s capital, Windhoek upon your arrival and departure from the program.

Children’s Hospital Volunteers

South Africa 

On this worthwhile Gap Medics project you will be volunteering in South Africa, spending time enriching the lives of patients in a hospital dedicated to sick and injured young children while working on your electives abroad.

Although the children in the hospital have experienced some horrible situations, by working within a team, your role is to bring fun, excitement and enjoyment to the wards.

Have fun playing games, singing songs and reading stories.  You may also be able to offer bedside attention to some of the children, enabling parents to take a much needed break.


Day 1 

You will be met at the airport and taken to the Gap Medics volunteer house in Fish Hoek which will take about 45 minutes.  You will then have your orientation that will take you through what it’s going to be like at your project — dos and don’ts, how to stay safe, etc.  This is your prime opportunity to ask any remaining questions that you may still have.  After the orientation you’ll have an evening meal and some time to relax and prepare before your first day at the project (Day 2).

Day 2 

Today the South Africa team will take you to the Gap Medics project so that you can get to meet the children and staff.  The team will be with you all the way to the project, making sure that you know where you are going and what you are doing.  Once you arrive at the project you will be introduced to what the project is like day to day and what they are hoping to have you contribute during your time there working for  your electives abroad.  You will get time with the staff to put together your timetable for the rest of your time.  Now is the time to let the team know if you have a particular interest or skill you would like to share with the children.

Day 3-5 

Your third day will be the first time that you can try to get into your new routine at your project, getting to know the staff and the amazing children and learn to work in your comfort zone.  Over the days and weeks you will have plenty of time to build bonds with others — so don’t rush things, just enjoy everything about the South African pace and way of life.

Your typical working hours on this project will be from Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Keep in mind also that any extra time you can give to the project will be really appreciated — there’s always someone in need.

The weekends are your free time to spend as you please.  There is so much to see and do in and around Cape Town, you’ll never be stuck for things to do; as well as visiting some of the areas’ famous attractions, etc., you may also just like to relax go the beach, go shopping in the many local craft markets, visit the cinema or go to the nearby Internet cafe to catch up on emails.

During your time in the program you will be volunteering Monday to Friday at your Gap Medics project.  Now that you have had a chance to fully immerse yourself in the daily duties at the hospital you will be looking after the children and trying to make their time at the hospital a bit more pleasant.