Review on Nucific Products

By combining Nucific products with proper diet and exercise, users can reap substantial benefits. Whether you choose our Nucific probiotics or any other supplement we make, we ensure total satisfaction backed by a guarantee that is unsurpassed in the industry. Simply send any bottles back that you purchase within 90 days and you’ll receive a full refund.

We are so confident in our Nucific products that we offer them at no risk to our customers. Everything we make is backed by solid scientific research and contains only pure, healthy ingredients. Here’s some information on the products we offer.

Antarctic Krill Oil

Krill oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that are critical to helping the body maintain a healthy metabolism. The body absorbs krill oil much easier than fish oil, and the krill we use in our product are caught in clean, clear Antarctic waters. Their oil is then extracted immediately on the boat and purified through a multi-stage process to make sure all contaminants are eliminated.

Once we receive the oil at our manufacturing facility, we then fortify it with natural ingredients to further enhance the benefits. After we run rigorous testing, we then send it to a third-party laboratory for even further quality checks.


Bio X4 can be a crucial component of any weight management program. This is one of our most popular Nucific products because it helps users take control of their appetite while increasing their metabolism.

One of the most frustrating parts of any diet for many people is the constant craving for fatty foods. Bio-X4 takes away those cravings, while also helping to maintain metabolism that can suffer due to a loss of calories. Bio-X4 not only boosts metabolism and helps increase energy, it also helps ensure that the body receives the nutrients it needs from food.

Anyone who is trying to slim down safely and naturally – without potentially dangerous prescription drugs or a radical alteration to their lifestyle – can benefit from Bio-X4. Like all other Nucific products, Bio-X4 is made under stringent controls to ensure their complete safety. Each capsule is designed to help users feel great while they lose weight.

Users report their junk food cravings have been substantially reduced, and they are able to finally lose that stubborn belly fat they couldn’t lose previously. They not only report feeling substantially more energized during the day, they also say they no longer have to deal with bloating or gas after meals.

Bio-X4 contains ingredients such as amylase, lipase and bromelain, digestive enzymes that help the body absorb nutrients much more effectively. It also contains Nucific probiotics, or “good” bacteria, which help balance the digestive system. In fact, Bio-X4 contains 12 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) of beneficial bacteria.


CL X3 combines three ingredients to help stimulate the reduction of fat while lowering appetite. The first, conjugated linoleic acid, helps to break down fat and inhibit the storage of fat. The second, grapefruit seed extract, helps the body regulate insulin. The third, an ingredient in brown seaweed extract known as fucoxanthin, activates a protein in the digestive system that speeds the rate of fat burning.

Like all Nucific products, CL X3 is safe to take. However, it is important that users speak with their doctor before starting it because it contains grapefruit seed extract. This ingredient can, in some rare instances, interfere with medications.

Deep Cell Activator

Even when people work out regularly and follow a healthy diet, they can have an extremely difficult time losing belly fat. One of the main reasons this happens is because of fat that resides deep inside the abdomen. Most of the fat burned through exercise, on the other hand, is surface fat. Deep Cell Activator is one of the most effective Nucific products, designed to eliminate that deep fat and turn it into energy that benefits surrounding cells.

Deep Cell Activator contains three key ingredients that activate AMPK, an enzyme that burns deep abdominal fat. Users report several benefits from using Deep Cell Activator, including an increase in energy and mental sharpness, a reduction in belly size and an overall feeling of increased strength.

Nucific Digest

Eating a substantial meal can lead to some uncomfortable side effects, including a bloated feeling, heartburn and more. A lack of digestive enzymes could be to blame. Nucific Digest contains 16 enzymes to help replace those that are missing so users can once again enjoy their food without worry.

These ingredients help not only break down carbohydrates, but also convert them into energy. They also help eliminate substances that can lead to digestive discomfort, which helps the body do a better job of absorbing key nutrients. Nucific probiotics are also included, which help increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Probiotic Complex

Nucific Probiotic Complex contains 15 strains of bacteria that help promote efficient operation of the digestive system. The gut is filled with trillions of microbes, some of which are beneficial while others are harmful. If there are too many harmful bacteria, that can lead to not only a compromised immune system, but also digestive issues such as bloating, gas, constipation and others.

Nucific probiotics are different from those manufactured by many other companies. Each capsule contains 30 billion CFUs and is designed in a way to help it navigate through the stomach so that its benefits can be delivered to the digestive system. The bacteria in other capsules often can’t survive because they are killed by stomach acid. Our capsules are built to be able to withstand this harsh environment.

No Risk

At Nucific, we are serious about the health of our customers as well as their total satisfaction.

All of our Nucific products are designed to provide substantial benefits, but there are some customers who are not completely satisfied with the results they receive. Whether you purchase Nucific probiotics or anything else from us, we offer a 100 percent full refund promise. Simply send back the bottles you purchase within 90 days and we will gladly refund your money with no questions asked.